This plant is best for lazy people, pouring water for 1 month, and bursting the room with fragrance.

This plant is best for “lazy people”, pouring water for 1 month, and bursting the room with fragrance.

Now everyone raises flowers. It seems that growing flowers in this society has become a way of health care. After all, it is a matter of old people’s love to do things before they grow flowers and plants.

Young people like to raise their own flowers, so they don’t have to worry too much when they go home from work every day.

Two days before the flower, I got a pot of super good plants, so I recommend it to everyone!

This plant is called fragrant wood, and it has become a “good heart” for flowers, because it is very worry-free at the point of watering, even if it is only poured once a month, it can grow well.It is really suitable for novice flower friends.

Resistant to health is a big plus, and this plant will be full of fragrance, put a pot at home, presumably even the aromatherapy is gone!

From the appearance of the fragrant wood, it is no different from ordinary green plants. The long green branches are covered with small green leaves of uniform size. From a distance, it is also bright and shiny.

If you have friends who like the plant of fragrant wood, let’s take a look at the way to maintain it with flowers and flowers. Keep it simple and easy to remember!


Light fragrant wood is best served in a well-lit area. It can soak up the sun every day, so that it can absorb the energy of the sun to provide the nutrients needed for growth, but remember to shade when it is hot in summer, otherwise it will burn the leaves with hot sunlight.It is not good.

Never let the fragrant wood be placed in the dark, so that it will eventually lead to death.


There is a requirement for watering and fragrant wood watering. It must be poured. Do not pour half of the water. This will easily cause water accumulation and lead to rotten roots.

The frequency of ordinary fragrant wood watering is kept at about 5 days, and it is gradually reduced in the autumn and winter seasons. The number of watering and the amount of watering can be reduced together.


Fertilization and fragrant wood generally adopt the “stocking” mode, so the amount of watering will be less and the amount of natural fertilization will be reduced. The fragrant wood is very sensitive to the concentration of fertilizer. Generally, it can be applied to thin fertilizer water. Remember that it cannot be used for a while.Fertilization, otherwise it will burn the flower roots, when the growth is relatively strong, you can apply a small amount of topdressing, remember a small amount!


Temperature fragrant wood is considered to be relatively cold-tolerant in plants, because it can withstand low temperature growth of minus ten degrees, but it is best to take it back to the house for maintenance in autumn and winter, and the temperature can be maintained at about 20 degrees.

The specific conservation method of fragrant wood is these. If you want to make your home fragrant wood grow stronger, you can replace it with the branches regularly, so that the sprouts will not stop.

If there is any flower plant suitable for “lazy” maintenance, please recommend it to the flower!

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