Liqiu summer heat has not disappeared into the light

Liqiu summer heat has not disappeared into the light

Li Qiu has passed, health experts reminded that the spring heat in Quanzhou has not yet disappeared. At this time, the focus of health care is still to prevent heat damage.

Tonic should also vary from person to person, and it is supplemented by imaginary.

  After the fall, many people want to eat some good food to supplement the body’s energy.

The folks believe that it is appropriate to “stick the autumn” in the autumn season, that is, to eat a variety of meat, such as stewed meat, braised pork, etc., in the fall to complement the body.

  Yesterday, the famous old Chinese doctor Lin Hezhen said in an interview with reporters that the early autumn season should be supplemented by people and should be supplemented by the virtual.

He said that after the autumn, the climate is gradually dry, people often have dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, dry skin and other phenomena, Chinese medicine is called “autumn dry”.

At this time, it is not advisable to eat hot food such as mutton and dog meat. Instead, it should be based on light supplements. You can eat more honey, lily, white fungus, dairy products and other foods that have nourishing yin, moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach, and nourishing the body.

The so-called light supplement refers to supplementing but not greasy. It is necessary to properly eat some foods with spleen, heat and dampness function, which can excrete the body’s damp heat to eliminate the “sequel” of summer heat; and regulate the function of the spleen and stomach for the Mid-Autumn Festival.The balance of health in the late autumn and even winter.

  He suggested that duck, turtle, sea cucumber and other cool foods are very suitable for eating in the autumn season, in order to achieve the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, moistening and drying, clearing the heart and calming the nerves.

At the same time, eggplant, mung bean sprouts, loofah, cucumber, melon, bitter gourd and other light foods also have the effect of clearing the heat and moistening dryness.

TCM health also advocates drinking porridge every morning after the fall.

Drinking porridge is good for spleen, it can help the spleen and stomach to nourish the yin, so that the yang balance is healthy.

  Experts remind the public that early fall tonic should also pay attention to weight control.

Li coach of a fitness club in the urban area said that after the autumn, the spleen and stomach function of the person gradually recovered. Compared with the appetite in the summer, the appetite improved obviously, but at the same time the weight gain increased. Therefore, obese people should not control the weight of the autumn.Instead, pay attention to the diet, moderate exercise, so as not to lose weight too fast.

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