Want a more powerful health massage for men

Want a more powerful health massage for men

First, the massage method of libido decline 1, retinal pill massage.

Gently grasp the scrotum with one hand, absorb and relax, repeat 25 times, and apply this massage every day.

  2, block the perineum.

The perineum is a stimulating center for sexual function. It is important for both men and women.

  3, block the “long strong” point.

That is, the lumbosacral region, Changqiang acupoint is also the focus of sexual stimulation, finger pressure 5 times, the action should be light.

  4, rubbing your eyes.

Sit on the back, clench your fists in both hands, bend your elbows, put the fists on the bed and the back, punch the bed, and press the palm joints to resist pressing on both sides of the lumbar spine.

  5, press the waist.

Sitting down, leaning forward slightly.

The elbow is flexed, and the two palms are attempted to be inserted into the upper and lower sides of the lumbar vertebrae. The two palms (especially the small fish) are struck, and the hair is quickly rubbed down to the tail. This method can stimulate the yang in the kidney.

  6, take the yin stock.

1 seat, first with the right thumb and four fingers apart, from the upper upper end of the vertical thigh, while moving the edge of the hip muscles down to the knee, operate 10 times, and then change hands.

2 Push the left thigh to the knee with the right palm and use the heat to change the hand.

  Second, Yangshuo’s massage method 1, abdominal massage.

Advance along the abdominal wall from the xiphoid to the pubic symphysis, from shallow to deep, from light to heavy, step by step, every 100 times.

For example, use two palms to push the umbilicus from the two flank portions 50 times each time.

  2, scrotal spermatic cord massage.

Use two thumbs, index finger, middle finger to do scrotum massage scrotum spermatic cord, each time 100 times, three fingers to do muddy ball-like massage touch pills, from light to heavy, step by step, each time 100 times.

  3. What is the impact of the stimulating pill 3 on the top of the insulin pill?
5 times (do not use too much force), people over the age of 50 can often carry out this method of operation, the longer the time, the better the effect.

  4, massage the tail.

Using the method of rubbing and pressing according to the method of the bone in the tail, the ancients called it “Motor according to the fish tail.”

Positioning takes the seat, the palms of the hands are operated simultaneously or alternately in this part, the technique should be deep, and the depth is slightly hot, every time 3?
5 minutes.

  5, licking the penis.

Put your hands on the penis and rub each other hard. After several times, grab the head of the penis and lift it for several times, then lick it again and repeat it three times.

  6, combined with scrotum.

The palms are clamped to the scrotum, and the scrotum is slaped relative to the palm. At the beginning, the force is light, and gradually increased after 50 times.

  7, point perineum.

Use the middle finger to point the perineum point 30?
50 times.

  Third, the enhanced function of the massage method with one hand close the penis, the other hand on the root of the leg, rubbing the leg root 36 times up and down, then change hands, do the same friction 36 times, then lift the penis from the bottom up, anotherRub the lower abdomen 36 times with one hand.

  Fourth, the male body massage method massage testicles is the secret of strengthening the kidney and soothing the brain and prosperous life, especially by middle-aged men.

Massage spinal cord pills should be done on the bed, such as before bed and in the bed before bed and in the bed, the legs are naturally straight.

Slightly separate, hot hands, one hand press on the lower abdomen (Dantian point), the other hand thumb, the index finger will hold the penis in the tiger’s mouth, the two fingers close together, fix the penis, the other three fingers gently knead the pill, silent81 times, then change hands around, the same number of 81 times.

The technique needs to be light, soft, gentle, and even, and it must be comfortable.

Don’t rely on it.
When you massage, you have a special mind, and God is not out.

If the penis is lifted, be sure to exercise restraint.

At the time of receiving the work, one hand pocketed the kidney scrotum, one hand along the navel circle, and the reverse was 81 times.

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