Create a muscle-enhancing program for anaerobic exercise Common anaerobic exercise programs include: running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, muscle strength training, etc.   Anaerobic exercise refers to the movement of muscles at high speeds in an “anoxic” state. Most of the anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity, momentary exercise, so it is difficult to continue, […]
Dieting can increase life People eat food for the day, and food is better with temperance. Chinese and foreign nutritionists are particularly good at diet. Moderate diet is good for health and longevity. If you often overeating, leading to early illness, premature aging, early death.   First, in ancient times, there was joint food in the […]
There are some common symptoms in the late stage of kidney cancer The late cure of kidney cancer is almost impossible, but the application of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively prolong the survival of patients and improve the quality of life of patients. Want to better treat kidney cancer, we must first understand the common […]
This plant is best for “lazy people”, pouring water for 1 month, and bursting the room with fragrance. Now everyone raises flowers. It seems that growing flowers in this society has become a way of health care. After all, it is a matter of old people’s love to do things before they grow flowers and […]
The more and more thin, the 10 kinds of miscellaneous grains eat the perfect body For every female friend, having a sly figure is a great thing in life. Now, among the more scientific methods of weight loss, the main core is about rationally arranging diet and insisting on sports. Today, we mainly talk about […]
Flower massage experience new style of pleasure Massage acts on the entire body. When we receive a massage, we allow ourselves to communicate with every part of the body. This is a comprehensive experience that may lead us to sexuality, but it may also merely enhance our physical sensibility.   The preparation of the massage creates […]
Drinking water in the morning to clean up the stomach and protect the heart The intestine is the main channel for the exclusion of high blood pressure in the human body. An important one in TCM health care is “the long intestine in the intestines”. The accumulation of harmful substances in the body, easy to […]
Want a more powerful health massage for men First, the massage method of libido decline 1, retinal pill massage. Gently grasp the scrotum with one hand, absorb and relax, repeat 25 times, and apply this massage every day.   2, block the perineum. The perineum is a stimulating center for sexual function. It is important for […]
Happy mood is an important condition for learning qigong Man, as the spirit of all things, always lives in a certain environment. This environment can be broadly divided into an external environment and an internal environment. The external environment includes the natural environment and the social environment, and the internal environment refers to the physical […]
Liqiu summer heat has not disappeared into the light Li Qiu has passed, health experts reminded that the spring heat in Quanzhou has not yet disappeared. At this time, the focus of health care is still to prevent heat damage. Tonic should also vary from person to person, and it is supplemented by imaginary.   After […]