Drinking water in the morning to clean up the stomach and protect the heart

Drinking water in the morning to clean up the stomach and protect the heart

The intestine is the main channel for the exclusion of high blood pressure in the human body. An important one in TCM health care is “the long intestine in the intestines”.

The accumulation of harmful substances in the body, easy to get wet and sputum, is extremely unfavorable for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular patients. The following is recommended for a cleansing program suitable for health and prevention of coronary heart disease.

  Option 1: Drinking water, clearing the intestines and protecting the heart First, “getting a cup of water in the morning, washing the intestines and stomach”, this makes sense.

In addition, people’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often occur at 3 to 4 in the morning, drinking a small amount of water at night, can reduce blood, reduce thick and dense, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

  In addition, you should not drink a lot of ice water after exercise, you should drink a small amount of warm water.

Drinking ice water after exercise, ice water through the esophagus, the esophagus close to the heart, is a stimulus to the blood vessels of the heart, may cause cardiovascular obstruction.

  Option 2: Fibrosis diet Intestinal method If the food is high in conversion and the cellulose content is low, it often takes more time to convert.

Therefore, the simplest and most natural way to clear the intestines is to eat more crude fiber food.

Cellulose swells in the colon, which can increase the volume and volume of the stool, and take away the spoilage bacteria and lipids in the colon, which is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  In addition, it is recommended to eat more apples and black fungus.

Apple is the old name cellulose in the fruit, and black fungus is also very good intestine food.

The air-dried black fungus swells when it meets water, which brings more moisture to the interaction and has a lipid-lowering function.

  Scheme 3: The low decomposition of honey in the honey-intestinal method is rich, and it can absorb the body water and stay in the intestinal cavity, which is conducive to defecation.

Need to remind everyone is to use cold warm water to wash the honey, too hot or too cold will destroy its nutritional structure.

  Expert comment: Drinking dairy products containing bifidobacteria ingredients also has a health effect.

What is especially outstanding is that you should develop the habit of regular bowel movements. Morning is the best.

Such as constipation, can not be forced to prevent blood pressure from rising, induced cardiovascular disease.

10 grams of chrysanthemum can be used, 30 grams of cassia seed tea and abdomen massage defecation.

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