Fans announced on the 2014 Brazil World Cup Golden Globe Awards list: Messi can’t afford it

Fans announced on the 2014 Brazil World Cup Golden Globe Awards list: Messi can’t afford it July 13th, Beijing time, yesterday morning, FIFA announced the 2014 Brazil World Cup Golden Globe Award list of 10 people, including Messi, J Luo and others were shortlisted.The winners of the Golden Globe Awards will be announced after the World Cup finals. At the same time, the Silver Globe Awards and the Bronze Globe Awards will also be announced.Messi: Don’t give it to me, the championship is more important than the Golden Globe!The 10 pre-election Ader players have 7 World Cup Golden Globe Awards, commending the best performers during the World Cup.Argentina has three finalists, Messi, Di Maria and Mascherano; another final team Germany has four finalists, captain Ram, defender Humels, midfielder Tony CrossAnd Thomas Mueller; the other shortlisted names are Colombian striker “J Ro” Hames Rodriguez, Brazil’s core Neymar and Dutch “Peter Pan” Robben.The last four Golden Globe Awards are not the championship team. The World Cup Golden Globe Awards selection began in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. The first three sessions were from the championship team, but the last four sessions were not from the championship team. The Golden Globe Awards seem to have the possibility of becoming one.Consolation prize trend.  Argentinian striker Kempes, Italian “Golden Boy” Rossi, the world champion Maradona, the first three winners of the World Cup Golden Globes are all from the championship team, Argentina in 1978, Italy in 1982 and Argentina in 1986.The Golden Ball must be the best player of the championship team, which is the bottom line of the initial award.By the 1990 World Cup in Italy, the selection of the Golden Globe Awards began to change. Although the host Italy only won the third place, striker Schiracci took the Golden Globe Award.  The 1994 World Cup was the last time the Golden Globe winner came from the championship team. As the star of the Brazilian team, the “lone wolf” Romario was deservedly elected.Since then, the 1998 Golden Globe winner Ronaldo came from the runner-up Brazil, the 2002 Golden Globe winner was the runner-up German goalkeeper Kahn, and the 2006 Golden Globe winner was the runner-up French superstar Zidane.In the last World Cup, although Uruguay only won the fourth place, striker Fran blasted the Golden Globe, which was also the lowest ranking of the Golden Globe winner’s team.  Judging from the current Golden Globes odds, Messi has consistently ranked first, and the odds are only 1 to 2.38, is expected to win this honor for the first time.This, the Argentine fan said with emotion: “Who loses the golden ball, what should he do?Sorry!”There are also fans,” J Ronald or Neymar, they all need comfort.Related reading: Previous World Cup Golden Globe winner Ronaldo Zidane Nefran won