Director of Love Crash Qima Lan came to China to share his experience and used PS to create

Director of “Love Crash” “Qima Lan” came to China to share his experience and used PS to create
Sauna Night Network Xiamen News (Reporter Wu Longzhen) On the afternoon of December 20, Robert Valley director of “Zima blue” in the hot animation “Love, Death and Robot” (hereinafter referred to as “Love Death”) is in XiamenThe trend forum of the short film week shared his creative experience, and introduced his creative process and experience in the workshop after the forum.”Qima Lan” is considered by many to be the most profound and philosophical work in the series “Love the Dead”.Director Robert Wally.The short film provided by the organizer found that the female reporter who was interviewed by the famous artist Zima Zima noticed his mysterious past. At the end, he jumped into the swimming pool and jumped back into the swimming pool.It is reported that the film is adapted from the short story “Zima Blue” by Alastair Reynolds.Robert said in the workshop sharing that he did not initially adapt the novel, but he was advised in his contact with his production company. He thought that the novel was also very good and changed the plan. This project changed fromIt took eight years to plan to move to the screen.In search of inspiration for the actor, he showed the athlete Bolt, jazz master Miles.Davis’s photos can see their shadow in the final product.At the workshop, Robert is sharing the creative process of “Zima Lan”.Wu Longzhen / Photo Robert believes that there are too many male directors in the “Love Crash”, so there may be many pictures involving the element of “sex”. He believes that more female characters need to be involved in the production of animation, and female voices can balance such themesPerformance.While sharing his other work “Pear Wine and Cigarette”, he showed a self-disciplined and persistent image of an animation director. This short film was made by himself by Photoshop and was nominated for the best short film of the 89th Oscar.”Every day I get up at three o’clock in the morning, and even I will get up earlier. Sometimes I get up and go to the bathroom, and it’s only a half past one . Then I will sit directly in the office, turn on the computer and continue to be mework.Robert precisely controlled the workload, how much to do every day, every week, every month, which made it clear how much he could invest in three and a half years.Because of this project, Robert lost more than 20 pounds (20 pounds ≈ 9 kilograms), did not touch alcohol for four years, and did not meet with his friends. He laughed about all four of them without friends.For him, doing animation means perseverance, good beginning and end.Fragment of “Pear Wine and Cigarette”.Wu Longzhen / Photographed in China in the past two years of adaptation of myth and classic stories, Robert believes that it is not that original stories are necessary, but the way of telling stories is very important.”For me, I am open to everything. We can repeat classic stories, but also accept fresh stories and explore fresh stories.”About streaming media and the Internet has changed the way people watch, Robert believes that he is more willing to work for platforms like Netflix. Netflix has changed the way we look at operations, and now there are some other platforms.”The era of creators will come.”The other three guests of the Trend Forum, Pi San, Song Yuefeng, and Mike Johnson, director of “Zombie Bride”, also shared their understanding of animation.Sauna Night Editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Xiangling