Month: May 2020

Rongbai Technology (688005): High-nickel leader in series lithium battery Company profile: Rongbai Technology, a leading lithium battery company, was established in 2014. It is mainly engaged in ternary segmented materials / precursors, etc., and its revenue share in 2018 was 86. 5% / 11. 2%. The company is the first company in China to achieve […]
Shanghai Airport (600009): The impact of the satellite hall gradually reflects the short-term performance pressure and does not change the long-term investment value The third quarter of 2019 performance was lower than our expected Shanghai Airport’s first three quarters of 2019 results: operating income 82. 100 million US dollars, an annual increase of 19%; net […]
Aviation Development Power (600893): 1H19 net profit is slightly lower but remains optimistic about the bright prospects of aviation development industry 1H19 net profit is lower than our expected 1H19 results: revenue 88.24 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.2%; net profit attributable to mother 3.23 ppm, a reduction of 10 per year.3%, corresponding 天津夜网 profit […]
Shenzhen Airport (000089) Quarterly Report Review: International Route Growth Maintains High Speed Short-term Results Affected by Revenue Growth Matters: The company released the first three quarters of 2019 report and realized revenue28. 100,000 yuan, an annual increase of 5. 50%; net profit attributable to mothers4. 8 billion, a decrease of 16 per year. 68%; net […]
Zhonggong Education (002607): The high growth of Q3 results is in line with expectations The event company released the third quarter of 2019: operating income for the first three quarters of 201961. 5.9 billion yuan, an increase of 47. 67%; net profit attributable to mother 9. 5.9 billion yuan, an increase of 77. 15%; deduct […]
Golden Mile Medical (603882): Emerging regional revenue share increased, quarterly reported revenue growth exceeded expectations Key points of investment: 2018 performance 北京夜网 is in line with expectations, and the growth rate of revenue in Q1 2019 exceeds expectations.The company announced the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report: the company realized revenue of […]
Ancient Yuelong Mountain (600059): Growth outside Zhejiang and Shanghai has severely weakened, downgraded to neutral Investment suggestions Due to the company’s increased growth outside Zhejiang and Shanghai, both revenue and profit growth rates are affected. The long-term growth is relatively weak, and the target price is reduced to 18. 9% to 7. 3 yuan, downgraded […]
China Automobile Research (601965) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Profitability Continues to Steady Growth and Dividend Rate Still Improves In 2018, the company’s operating income increased by 14 per year. 9%, net profit attributable to mother increases by 7. . According to the financial report, the company achieved operating income of 27 in 2018. 6 ppm, […]
Lixun Precision (002475) 2019 Semi-annual Report Review: High-speed Growth in the First Half of the Year, Significant Multi-faceted Layout Investment Highlights: Event: The company announced its 2019 semi-annual report.The company achieved operating income of 214 in the first half of 2019.4.1 billion, an annual increase of 78.29%, net profit attributable to mother 15.02 trillion, an […]
Perfect World (002624): Strong certainty in medium-term growth is estimated to increase the leading game development leader Key points of investment: A leading game research and development company with core business maintaining high growth. Perfect World owns two major business segments of game film and television, but game revenue and gross profit account for about […]