Month: December 2019

Whitening skin drink drinks away spots on the face The formation of freckles is due to local pigmentation on the skin. In the summer, these annoying little spots will become apparent. Faced with these annoying facial spots, have you tried many whitening methods? In fact, it is not so complicated to remove them! Teach you […]
Seven interpersonal mindsets are annoying! The more common ones are the following, which should be avoided: 1. Inferiority complex: Some people are prone to inferiority, and even look down on themselves, lack self-confidence, have no courage to act, fear, and agree with each other, without their own opinions. If this psychology is not overcome, it […]
What to do if your eyes are dry Many people suffer from dry eyes due to continuous computer or game games and mobile phones. How to effectively solve the problem of dry eyes and fatigue caused by long-term excessive use of eyes? Let’s take a look at the specific method together.   1. Drink more tea. […]
Liang Jingru’s health food: mango and salmon salad The famous singer Liang Jingru was born in Malaysia and loves mangoes. She is also good at creative cooking of tropical fruits. Now it is the season for mangoes to come on the market. Liang Jingru is here to help us-how to choose the freshest mango: once […]
What health problems are revealed by the feet 1. Cold feet. A big cause of cold toes is poor blood circulation, sometimes related to smoking, high blood pressure or high blood pressure. Nerve damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes can also cause cold feet. Other causes include hypothyroidism and anemia. It is best to see a […]
Prevention and contraindications of acupuncture accidents First, acupuncture contraindications: 1, local contraindications: important organs can not be needled. Puncture should be avoided where large blood vessels pass. Acupuncture should not be performed on important joints.   2, contraindication to acupoints: pregnant women forbidden acupuncture point Hegu, Sanyinjiao, lack of pelvis and abdominal, lumbosacral acupoints. Pediatric ban […]
What to eat when you have bad breath It is easy for people to have bad breath when they usually eat improperly or have other alternatives. Bad breath causes a lot of inconvenience and affects mood. So what about bad breath? Do you know what to eat for bad breath? Today Xiaobian recommends seven dietary […]
Yoga Beautiful Butt Tightening The chest is not enough? Sagging began to appear in the front . All these problems can be solved by the following 5 types of hip-building yoga. Do n’t miss it if you want to have a beautiful buttocks. . hzh {display: none; }  练瑜伽前先吸气,然后呼气,同时左腿向上伸直,保持5-10秒,自然地呼吸。  The first type: tighten the hip muscles, beautify […]
The pattern of male tonic The increase in work pressure and the deterioration of the urban environment have made modern people more and more weak and unbearable, and what to eat can be aphrodisiac, and eating cockroaches is very suitable for eliminating fatigue. Chinese medicine believes that the aphrodisiac food is glutinous and sweet, which […]
What to do after washing your hands Good personal hygiene, especially hand washing, can be a firewall for many diseases. Except for washing your hands before and after meals that we knew from a young age, when else should you wash your hands and ignore them?   1. Wash your hands after reading the newspaper. Organic […]