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Contradictions in transaction flow talk show actor Chi Zi complains about bank violation of personal privacy On May 6th, talk show actor Wang Yuechi (stage name “Chizi”) posted on Weibo that the bank provided its personal bank account transaction details to the laughing fruit of economic disputes under its authorization and legal investigation procedures of […]
Zhonggong Education (002607): The high growth of Q3 results is in line with expectations The event company released the third quarter of 2019: operating income for the first three quarters of 201961. 5.9 billion yuan, an increase of 47. 67%; net profit attributable to mother 9. 5.9 billion yuan, an increase of 77. 15%; deduct […]
Ancient Yuelong Mountain (600059): Growth outside Zhejiang and Shanghai has severely weakened, downgraded to neutral Investment suggestions Due to the company’s increased growth outside Zhejiang and Shanghai, both revenue and profit growth rates are affected. The long-term growth is relatively weak, and the target price is reduced to 18. 9% to 7. 3 yuan, downgraded […]
Huaxin Cement (600801): Off-season profitability hits record high This report reads: The company’s 2019 third quarter report exceeded market expectations, Q3 demand was not weak in the off-season, and profit was the best in the third quarter. Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating. The company achieved revenue of 224 in the first three quarters. 700 million […]
Hager Communications (002465): Hager Yichuang won more than expected bids; thinks 5G full-cycle growth potential Company status: Company announcement: 1) Subsidiary Haige Yichuang received notice of selection, with a total amount of approximately 10. 8.3 billion; 2) The controlling shareholder’s plan to increase the company’s shares was completed. Comments Haige Yichuang’s bid amount exceeded expectations, […]
Science and Technology Board Subscription Strategy-Yinghantong (688080) This report reads: We 淡水桑拿网 recommend that Yinghantong refer to the estimated range between 0% and 10%, corresponding to 27.25 yuan-27.73 yuan, it is recommended to apply for the first time. Abstract: Under the quotation strategy of small-scale accounts excluding the risk value by 1 cent because of […]
GF strategy: What is the impact of the accelerated downward adjustment on A shares in 2019? [Guangdong Development Strategy]Tax Cuts and Implementation of Profits-19 Years of the Two Sessions of the “Reform and Breakthrough” Series of Reports 1 Guangfa Development Strategy Research Dai Kang, Zheng Kai Summary of the ReportIncome is highly dependent on corruption. […]
Thin face yoga thin without spending money or diet You do n’t need to move the knife or pull your skin. You only need to do yoga exercises on the face to make your skin firmer and firmer.   Open your feet with the pelvis as wide as possible, hands on hips, straighten your back when […]
Strong concern or cause couples to quarrel Guide: Some people say that a husband and wife are like two stones with angular corners, put in a jar, how can there be no friction? It is usually “the end of the bed and the end of the bed.” But what is the mentality of the couple […]
Harmful body cleaner Detergents are essential cleaning products in life. They can be used in many places. They are used for laundry, dishes and toilets. Therefore, there are many types of cleaners.It ‘s cleaner, but a lot of health hazards are also in the ambush. Let ‘s take a closer look at the cleaners that […]