Flower massage experience new style of pleasure

Flower massage experience new style of pleasure

Massage acts on the entire body.

When we receive a massage, we allow ourselves to communicate with every part of the body.

This is a comprehensive experience that may lead us to sexuality, but it may also merely enhance our physical sensibility.

  The preparation of the massage creates an environment similar to that when making love, a room with a good temperature, a bright light, and a warm atmosphere.

If your mattress is not strong enough, lay a thick blanket on the floor to ensure that the person being massaged will not sink.

  Choose a slower-absorbing lubricant such as almond oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil; heat the oil in hot water before starting the massage.

  Use a little time to relax yourself before starting the massage, which will achieve better results.

You can sit for a few minutes, listen to background music or listen to nature.

  It is best to start grinding from the front, which is the most vulnerable part of the body and the most easily reflected part of the massage effect.

Let your partner be behind you, and your weight should not be on your body.

  When you massage the front of the body, from the insertion and shoulders, gradually transition to the breast, which requires extra gentleness.

When you massage your abdomen, use your hands to do a circular motion or a long distance, strong, slow strokes, to avoid the other side laughing because of itching.

  The foot massage should be firm, otherwise the other person will laugh because of the itching.

Start the upper part of the fractured foot, then use your thumb to gently rub the sole of the foot. Do not use too much force, otherwise it may cause injury.

Finally, gently stroke the toes, then put the whole foot on both hands and keep a touch for a few minutes.

  The head grinding is very intimate.

Use your thumb and forefinger to get out of the massage mill forehead.

Then there is the cheek, scratching the contours of the lower jaw and gently rubbing the buttocks muscles – straight to the top.

  The principle of massage The more signals you receive from your partner, the more natural your condition is, the better the massage will be.

Here are some basic principles: Don’t touch areas that are easily injured: infected or red skin; scars; varicose veins; retinal pills; pregnant women’s abdomen.

Do not massage for some of the patients examined.

  Do not put too much pressure on the bones where the skin is weak, such as the spine.

Also do not massage the eyes and other parts.

  Once the massage begins, it must be suddenly interrupted.

Even when you replenish your lubricant, you should leave one hand on your partner.

Spread a hand, pour the oil in the palm of your hand, or use a watering can.

  Keep the symmetry of the action.

If you are experiencing physical discomfort, you should massage the other side in the same way and for the same length of time.

(Although you don’t massage and be massaged every time, overall your chances are equal, and neither party can always accept or always pay.

Although you may use the genital touch as a prelude to sex after massage, avoiding genital touch during massage will make you more relaxed.

  How to massage for your partner’s massage is not just lying there passively.

If you can take the initiative to relax, deliberately eliminate your inner distractions, and concentrate on your feelings, then you can turn the massage into a process of mutual experience.

Creation makes you like this experience more.

Your body language will express your satisfaction, and your partner will feel the value of his labor.

  If you put your partner’s head on your lap, a bottom-up massage would be a good fit.

The massage starts from his abdomen and slowly strokes long distances.

Make a few laps at his nipple and then rub his placement and face with your palms.

  Be careful to keep in touch, even when lubricating.  Abdominal massage may easily cause him to laugh, so use a little strength when you massage, but don’t overweight, use your hands to stagger around his abdomen.

  Pattern Massage You can add some tricks in the basic grinding step: changing the way of massage, such as licking, kissing, light biting, light fingering, heavier fingering.

  Change the massage technique, such as using only the thumb, massage the hips and other large muscles with the whole fist, use your eyelashes, use feathers, use smooth gloves, use flowers, use a vibrator, use a hair dryer (not in some specialIn case of body parts, such as taking the eyes, etc.), use ice cubes (not too cold, try your temperature with your tongue first).

  A lot of fatigue can accumulate at the top of the back end.

Move your hands forward, massage the muscles at the front of the shoulders, and make a slow and powerful circular motion at the front end.

  When you massage your chest muscles, you can use your heart with confidence. Of course, light and quick massage is also possible.

Try to kneel behind your partner and press your fists on his hips.

When you massage the waist, kneel beside him, the palms are flattened, overlap each other, and gently massage upwards.

  When massaging the thigh or calf muscles, hold the cup in your hand and move your thumb firmly and slowly down.

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